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Science Experiments for kids (primary school)

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Science Box - Škatla eksperimentov

About the Box of Experiments

Box of Experiments is a Slovene product created in association with primary and secondary science and physics teachers. It is a teaching tool for primary school and it is not a toy. It contains the accessories needed to complete 20 interesting physics experiments and a CD with instructions and explanations. Short and clear instructions are supported by high quality pictures.

List of experiments:

1. Can air hold up water?
2. Out of one cup into another
3. Water container
4. Siphon
5. Diving bell
6. Suction cup
7. Air in water
8. Hydraulic lift
9. Firing a ball
10. Cartesian diver

11. Straw's centre of gravity
12. Floating paper clip
13. Cap full of water
14. Falling nut
15. Friction
16. Whistle
17. Magic cap

18. Air bubbles
19. Magnifying water drop
20. Eletric force

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Science Box Slovenia

Translate the Box of Experiments

If you would like to take part in the project as a translator into your mother tongue, please contact us. We will discuss the terms and conditions of participation. The knowledge of elementary physics is required as well as basic knowledge of English. The instructions and explanations are intended for children, so the vocabulary is as simple as possible. Translating should therefore not be particularly complicated.

Slovenian (full version 1.1) - Sašo Žigon (author)
English  (full version 1.1) - Klara R. Canzutti
Croatian (full version 1.1) - Marina Barišić
Armenian (full version 1.1) - Наира Арутюнян
Italian (full version 1.1) - Paola Mignosi, Mariapia Borghesan, Luca Sarasini, Massimo Ramozzi
Spanish (full version 1.1) - Esther Pérez, Marianna Makrydaki
Greek (full version 1.1) - Elen KorakakiMarianna Makrydaki
Bulgarian (full version 1.0) - Stoyanka Staeva, Rositsa Dimova
French (full version 1.0) - Georges Khaznadar, Éric Vayssie
Romanian (full version 1.0) - Rita Godoroja
Polish (full version 1.0) - Aneta Stępniewska
Georgian (full version 1.0) - Luiza Navdarashvili, Inga Navdarashvili
Turkish (full version 1.0) - Bilge Varel, Enise Batir
Lithuanian (full version 1.0) - Trakų r. Lentvario Motiejaus Šimelionio gimnazija

Science Box


Photogallery of experiments


If you want your students to operate with original accessories, you should buy a boxes with accessories  (14 € + shipping costs). A minimal number of ordered Boxes with accessories is 8.

Purchase here >>

Science Box project is open to your suggestions. If you are interested you can take part in it and suggest new science experiments that can be carried out with the accessories in the Box of Experiments 1.1. We will be very pleased if you send us your ideas and suggestions for the improvement. Box of Experiments 2.0, with many interesting science experiments, is in development.



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